How to Flirt With a Man in a Teasing Sort of a Way! This Will Get Him Super Interested in You

Published: 09th August 2010
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Teasing a man can be a great way to build up for the final act. To make the seduction process even more interesting and exciting you can try to tease your man. If you don't know how to, then read on and become a pro.

Visual treat
You have to first look very good. Since men are very visual by nature they have to like what they see. Begin with the way you dress. Never reveal too much as that takes the element of mystery away. So choose to flaunt only one part of your body. If you have amazing legs then flaunt them, or if you have great upper body then wear a daringly low neckline keeping the hemline long. The idea is to make him want to see more of you.

Be very sexy
It's not only in the clothes that you wear. Teasing has a lot to do with your overall attitude. Be very sexy. Have a rhythm in your body when you move, walk or use your hands. Men get turned on by that but always make sure that you look like you are oblivious to all this.

Use an enchanting perfume
An enchanting perfume will do a lot for you if you want to tease a man. Wear a fragrance that is heady and sensual. He will want to keep coming closer to you and you should act unaware of the impact that you are having on him.

Tease him with your body language
Instead on making a move on him take your sex appeal to the next level. Tease him with the way your body moves and behaves. Don't lay a finger on him but touch yourself in a seductive (yet non freaky) manner. Run your fingers down your hair, through the sides of your body and let your hands then rest on your legs. Stroke you hand, touch the base of your neck etc and get the temperature soaring.

Use your eyes well
Eyes can be used to tease a man. Look at him intently and then look away as if you are thinking of something about him that just made you blush. When he asks you what it was that you were thinking of, begin to tell your story but stop saying "it's embarrassing". He will go nuts imagining what you were thinking.

Get closer
Use small moments to get closer to him but never get close enough. Get him to massage an aching spot, or show him your new tattoo etc to tease him to the limit.

Touch and talk
Keep your voice low and talk naughty so that he has to lean in close to listen to you and keep some form of physical contact alive. He will go nuts with desire.

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