How to Date a Shy Guy & Make Him Completely Open Up to You! Here is What You Must Read

Published: 06th August 2010
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You may have always liked the shy guys. Or perhaps this is a whole new world for you. Whatever the reason, you will need some special tips and tricks in order to date a shy guy and not scare him off. The quiet one is intriguing; you may never know how intriguing until you carefully approach and woo him.

Start Talking - You may need to be the one to make the first move if he is hanging back. You will want to simply and quietly introduce yourself and make small talk. Ask for his number before you have to leave.

Find Out What He Likes - If he is comfortable talking more, find out what he likes, if not, wait until he calls to ask more personal details. If he does like certain public outings like movies or sports, then make sure you hint that you guys should go together. Asking him questions or sharing similarities to his likes will encourage him to talk and feel more comfortable all the time.

Be Patient - If he is still extra shy and slow to warm up, be patient. Never be pushy or loud around these men. They will run for the hills. The more you wait the more pleasant surprises you are likely to receive in the future. He may be a tiger in bed!

Continue the Efforts - If you continue to pursue him slowly and quietly, you will soon find that the shy guy may be infinitely more exciting and actually a lot less effort than the cocky, confident guys.

Make First Dates In Places He Is Okay With - Even after a few good outings, you will want to make subtle suggestions, but let him take the lead in choosing the events and venues until your dating life is more steady and sure.

Let Him Stay Low Key - When you are an item, remember that he will probably still want to be more of a wallflower than you. Let him hang in the background, and do not force him to mingle and talk to people. He will love you the more for it, and you will be justly rewarded.

Give Compliments and Let Him Be the Man When it is Time - Make sure to compliment him often, just as you would any other man. When it is time for him to take control (opening the door, fixing a broken item in your home), make sure you let him. When he offers his manly services, this is a sure sign that he is interested and like you.

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