How to Catch a Man's Attention and Keep It? Here Are the Tricks to Keep a Man Hooked on to You

Published: 01st September 2010
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It is a fact that most women send out signals to men unconsciously and consciously. Men sometimes fail to intercept these signals because the women do not know how to really send them the right vibes. Learn how to catch a man's attention by becoming adept in sending out terrific yet subtle signals!

Your appearance is important
No man is going to notice a woman who is dowdy and sloppy in appearance. You have to upgrade your looks so that you make the man you like sit up and check you out. You should come across as exciting and stunning from the first glimpse! You can do this by being well groomed and in style!

Emit vibes through your body language
It is extremely easy for a woman to catch the eye of any male if she wears the right kind of sexy clothes. This means looking stunning and attractive wearing clothing that is revealing yet classy and not sleazy. You could reveal the right amount of flesh without looking cheap.

Look confident and sure of yourself
Believe it or not, but men find confidence in a woman extremely attractive. Your self assurance and body language will help to tell him plenty of things about you. Walk and talk like you know what you are doing and who you are. Your first impression is what counts.

Give him enough reason to notice you
If you wear a perfume that lingers and haunts him long after you have left the place it will make him remember you. Give him a smile that stays long and which he cannot get out of his memory.

Be provocative
You should be mysterious and provocative. This will appeal to the guy. An air of mystery will help too. Men are curious about a woman who does not reveal too much. Make him want to know more about you.

Focus your attention on him
Make him realize that you too find him attractive. Maintain an eye contact and smile! Most often the guy will reciprocate by smiling back at you. Let him know that you are certainly different from the rest of the gang. Once your personality hooks him, you will keep his attention.

Let him see the real you
You don't want him to find out that you have been pretending to be some one else. Once he does that he may just lose interest. Emphasize your style, originality and your intelligence. Once he notices that you are being honest he will like you for who you are.

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