How to Catch a Man's Attention and Keep it! Do This & He Will Be Hooked on to You Instantly

Published: 01st September 2010
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It is no rocket science to attract a man. If you like a man, he can immediately read your signals and either be drawn to you or be repelled by you. Here are a few ways to attract a man's attention and keep it.

Look Attractive
This is a cardinal rule. Sloppy dressing indicates a sloppy person and if you would not date a badly dressed guy its unfair for you to expect that a man would. So get out your fancy clothes and dress up!

Appear confident
Your clothes are not the only things that you wear. One of the most important things in an individual's persona is his or her attitude. Positive attitude is reflected in a positive body language so keep your back straight and have the aura of confidence surround you.

Catch his eye and then look away
If you find a guy you like then look in his direction. Chances are that he too will look your way. As he catches your eye smile immediately and then look down and away. This can be done once or twice and soon you will find your man walking in your direction.

Don't look to eager
Now that you have caught your interest's attention the easy bit is over. The hard part is keeping a man hooked to you. While you have clearly indicated that you are interested in him, never make the mistake of appearing too eager or available. The minute your man sees that you are too eager his attention from you begins to waver. So make your interest work hard to get you.

Be a conversationalist
A good conversation can be very stimulating and refreshing. To keep your man's attention he has to know that you are a person he can talk to and laugh with. Have a great conversation and keep him hooked!

Don't try to be something that you are not
Don't be a fake and pretend to be a person that you are not. Firstly, because a fake can be spotted easily and secondly, you want the person to like you for what you are and not for what you should be. Also, if you are a fake eventually when your true self is reflected then chances of him being with you are small. Being fake is as good as cheating so be fair and honest form the very beginning.

Wear a lingering fragrance
Once you have done all of the above, give him a reason to remember you. Wear a lingering fragrance that he can't get out of his mind and that continues to haunt him.

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