How to Be the Woman Every Man Desperately Wants to Be With? Here is Something You Should Know

Published: 06th September 2010
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Women always ask as to what really fascinates men.

Each man is in fact different. Some would simply follow their intuition, meaning they would not care much if the woman is only beautiful on the outside and not on the inside, while some would rather go for women who are not that beautiful, but possess a good heart. There are also those who prefer any women available just to satisfy their sexual needs. However, valuable men will opt for those who are beautiful both inside and out.

While men have different preferences when it comes to choosing women, keep in mind that you do not really need to be a twin of Catherine Zeta Jones or Jessica Alba to be a guy magnet. This article is exactly for normal women, and reading the tips below will certainly provide you great ideas on how to make men want you.

Show cleverness. Playing dumb will only scare men off. Make sure that you can contribute something to the discussion because relationships involve chatting with one another. Guys are simply fascinated with smart women.

Show confidence. If you really want a man to be attracted to you, then now is the perfect time to feel great about yourself. It is very essential to love yourself so that other people will likewise consider loving you.

Look after yourself.Nurturing yourself will make others be in awe of you. Make sure that you are always clean by taking a shower, brushing your teeth and working out at all times. You can also wear a light make-up for you to look more charming and stylish.

Own a number of fashionable pieces. I am not saying that you need to look as if you are jumping from one fashion trend to another; what I am trying to imply here is you need to appear fresh and up-to-date. Wearing clothes that are worn-out and old-fashioned will most likely drive those men away.

Practice cooking. We all know that men love to eat; in fact, some of them are quite picky with foods. Showing a man that you can prepare delicious meals would mean a higher possibility of him getting attracted to you in the end.

Be sociable and always smile. Men become extremely uneasy to go near women who look angry or serious. Should you really wish to fascinate men, begin by smiling at all times and showing them that you are a friendly type of person.

Be independent. Who wants a clingy or needy girlfriend, anyway? If you can show guys that you can look after yourself, it will increase the level of your confidence, plus men will think that you are never going to be desperate for their attention.

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