How to Be Seductive Around a Man! Here is How to Easily Seduce Him & Make Him Yours

Published: 10th August 2010
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Everyone knows that seduction is an art. As a woman it becomes essential to learn this art to attract a man you like. But there are very few who know how to make this work for them and end up doing things that makes them look funny instead. Here are a few things that you should do if you want to be seductive around men.

Begin with your look
Seduction starts with the way you look. You have to make sure that your look is that of a seductress and decide your clothes accordingly. It is a common misconception that wearing revealing clothes is what makes you a seductress. What actually works is what you show and what you cover. Leave enough to a man's imagination and see how the magic works.

Have your confidence in place
Simply wearing a seductive outfit is not enough to guarantee your success in seducing a man. Your attitude has to complement your look. Trying to be seductive while not being sure about what you are doing never works. So have confidence in yourself.

Play with your body language
Your body language clearly defines if you are seductive or not. Making a display of your nervousness and fiddling around with things is not seductive. Also pulling your dress or constantly re-adjusting it makes you look uncomfortable and not seductive. Have an open body language, be relaxed and comfortable within your own skin and you will be seductive. Touch things around you with purpose and you will have established your intentions.

Be intelligent
Being able to hold intelligent conversation is also what is very seductive to a man. No matter how beautiful and sexy you look, if you cannot talk and interest a man then your seduction trick is not going to work. Seduction is a mind game as much as it is a game of looks.

Make your eyes talk
Using your eyes to your advantage is also very essential when you want to act seductive around a man. Make eye contact, hold his gaze, look away, smile and look back again all are key in attracting him. The fact that you look away and smile makes you intensely sexy.

Talk in a soft tone
The volume and tone of your voice also determines your seduction quotient. Talk in a high pitched shrill voice and you are out of the game. Instead have a soft and low voice so that he has to lean into you to hear what you are saying and you will have won the game.

Make him chase you
Men find only those women seductive who do not make themselves available to them. So, before you accept going out with him play around a little.

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