How to Attract a Rich Man & Keep Him! Here is What it Takes to Get a Rich Man to Go Crazy For You

Published: 18th August 2010
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To attract rich men, you first have to be able to spot them. Not all men who look rich are, and not all of those who appear not to be aren't. Learn to spot them and then learn to snag them.

Spotting the Rich Ones

Don't ask him about his wealth or his salary. Even if men know you might be in it for the money, they want to think it's really about being with them. They want to believe you are attracted to them, and would be even if they were poor. They're ok with being diluted, so just let them think it's all about them and not about their bucks.

Ask him about his life instead. You can gain a lot of information about his money by learning about his life in general. For instance, if you know he collects expensive cars, then he obviously has cash. Does he take pricey trips all the time? Then he probably has a bundle.

Ask him about how he likes to woo a woman. If his answers center on spoiling her with expensive presents and pampered spa visits, then he likely has the cash to make it happen. If he focuses only on making her feel good with compliments or snuggling with her on the coach, then he probably doesn't have the qualities you're looking for - a fat wallet and the desire to spend.

How to Snag a Rich One

Be where the rich men are. Find out what the hot spots are in town and make yourself a regular. Spending time in their usual haunts will make you appear to be the type of woman they would look for. It also serves the purpose of giving the chance to put yourself in front of them and flaunt you stuff.

Think about making a career move that puts you in the presence of rich men more often. Consider being a flight attendant, personal trainer, or pursue hotel management.

Dress up your appearance to suit the style projected by the rich. Most rich men are looking for a real honey. They want a woman that is flashy and perfect to add to their collection of other perfect and spectacular possessions. So get the right wardrobe, get the best hair style, keep your nails and makeup done.

Focus on your social skills. While rich men love good looking women, they also need to be able to take those women with them to important social events. So hone your dining edict. Learn how to network. Get comfortable in formal attire.

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