How to Attract a Handsome Man! Stop Settling For the Same Old Average Men & Read This Right Now

Published: 11th August 2010
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You can't take your eyes off the handsome man standing at the bar. The only thing is that he does not even know you exist! How in the world are you going to change that? Well, a quick peek at these tips below will make you not only noticeable but attractive enough to get him attracted to you in a jiffy!

Don't get scared or intimidated
So he looks like a movie star- so what? He's still human isn't he? All you have to do is to boost your own ego and get comfortable and confident. Work on your fears and chuck the insecurity. Tell yourself that you are worth his attention and make plans to look gorgeous enough to attract him.

Don't ogle him too much
You will give the game away by staring too hard at him. Besides, if he is good looking he could be having an ego problem. Also he must be used to having adoring females around him telling him how handsome he is. The trick is to be completely different. Don't give him attention and snub him. He will be intrigued and attracted to you instantly.

Look better than your rivals
Check out the competition and determine to look better than her. Dress in a way that makes you look fantastic and super sexy. Look confident and wear your new style with aplomb. Once he realizes that you look better he will be attracted to you.

The right body language and behavior
How you behave in his company will either make it or break it for you. Your behavior will give him an impression that will last, so make sure you are at your best. Show him that you are independent and classy. Let your body language send him subtle signs of your availability and interest.

Share like interests
Having the same types of interests and hobbies will throw you together. Try to spend as much time as possible together. Don't pay him too many compliments or else you will be just like everybody who is attracted to his looks. Show him that you like him for who he is rather than what he looks like and he will be hooked!

Keep him guessing
The best way to get him attracted to you is to have an air of mystery and charm that is irresistible. Don't let him know everything about you. Blow hot and cold, so that he is not sure if you are "into him" or not. This will drive him crazy and he will be even more attracted to you.

Don't be too available
Refuse to give in to his charms. Granted that it will be difficult to say "no" to this Adonis, but if you hold out and make him wait - it will have a positive effect on him. He will love to do the chasing for a change and you will be able to keep him interested in you.

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