How to Attract a Handsome Man! Here Are the Factors You Should Be Aware of at All Costs

Published: 09th August 2010
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Don't settle for anything less, always aim for the best-this is what most of us have been brought to believe. If you're a girl who aims to attract a handsome man and you just don't know how, here's a good handful of advice for you:

Always be beautiful in his sight

You will always be noticed primarily by your looks, so make sure you always look good and refreshing. Wear something that will show off your beautiful face and body. Once you master the art of dressing up and wearing the right amount of makeup, he will surely drool once he sees you.

Don't be intimidated by him or any situation

Just because he's handsome doesn't mean that he's way too good for you. Remember that you always deserve the best, and so you can have him. Have the confidence to approach him, and as you start talking, try to act casually.

Make him feel special and valued

Be creative in showing your way of valuing him. There could be so many girls out there trying to win his heart as well, outwit them all by being passionate. Make him feel that he won't be treated in high regard elsewhere.

Let your body speak about how you feel

Sometimes it's good to convey to him how you feel through your actions. A smile and a hug are simple enough to tell him that he is special to you. Eroticism can also be conveyed through your sexy eyes and body.

Make him feel wanted all the time

Make him aware that you need him and that he is important in your life. This doesn't mean that you can begin to act clingy or needy, though. Just give him the right amount of attention and love. You should strive to achieve that level where he is 100-percent sure of your faithfulness.

Make friends with his friends

A good way to get closer to a guy is through mingling with his friends. You can have more opportunities to see each other if you have common friends. These people can invite both of you at a party, gathering or even at a simple night out.

Verbally express your feelings for him

Try to be honest and straightforward, approach him and tell him how you truly feel. Just be careful that you don't come on too strong as he might run away from you.

Don't be hesitant to approach any guy you want, even if he looks like a movie star, have the guts to say hi and be friends with him. After all, it's his loss if he doesn't get to know the beautiful woman that you are.

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