How to Attract a Guy Who Doesn't Like You! It Won't Seem Impossible After You Understand This

Published: 10th August 2010
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It can be sad when you have your eyes set for a guy who doesn't respond to you in a positive manner. When things are so difficult giving up can seem like the easiest option. But why should you give up without trying? Dislike can be changed to liking and you only need to work a little hard to make him see the good in you. Here are a few ways that will help you to attract a guy who doesn't really like you.

Don't change yourself
Show some strength of character. Just because one guy doesn't like you doesn't mean that you will begin to change yourself. If you do this for every person you know then you yourself will not know who you really are. Be yourself and be happy as you are. That works wonders to make people like you.

Always look good
While you don't change internally, you should make some external changes if you don't really have a sense of style. Go to an honest friend (who is also stylish) and get an opinion on the way you look. External beauty can be used to a great extent to attract the guy, you like, to you.

Get popular with his friends
Guys mostly have the herd mentality. They like to hang out in groups. What you should try and do in a very effortless manner is to get into that group he hangs out with. Get introduced to one of his friends who then introduces you to the make sure they all like you. You will begin to grow on him.

Show him your strong side
Look for opportunities to show him your strong side. If you are a good cook, call all of them over for a meal or if riding is what you are good at then take the whole gang riding. The idea is to show him that you are not all fluff.

Be confident
While all this is going on make sure that you show him what a confident and mature person you are. Don't look like you are in need of an emotional crutch. Be self reliant and self assured and he will begin to respect you.

Never be desperate for attention
Don't be one of those women who go to any extent to get attention all the time. Keep the tantrums to yourself and grow up. He will begin to appreciate you.

Don't let your tongue hang out- ever
Don't let him feel that your agenda is to woo him and all that you are doing is to attract him. So, when he asks you out, which he will, don't jump with joy and say yes. Be a lady and think over it first and "then" say yes.

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