How to Attract a Guy That Doesn't Like You? He Will Finally Start Liking You After You Follow This

Published: 09th August 2010
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There are relationships out there that don't begin in a normal way. It is either a man doesn't like the woman or it's the other way around. In some instances, attraction is a one way process. But a woman should not despair when a certain guy doesn't like her. It should be taken as a positive occurrence that would help her improve herself.

Chances give life more excitement so a woman should know how to prepare herself and be that girl that this guy has been looking for:

Know what he doesn't like in a girl.
When a woman acknowledges the fact that she is not attractive enough for the guy that she likes, it opens an opportunity for her to know what this guy digs. By doing so, it is imperative for her to know what she needs to improve on to become more likable.

Play the mysterious girl role.
Men like playing games and like to be challenged. They are scared away by a woman who shows that they are head over heels attracted to them.

Befriend his Friends.
Befriending his friends is a foot-on-the-door technique to know the guy better. His friends are at the very core of his circle. When a woman does this, she has higher chances to be introduced to the guy of her dreams.

Research on what he likes doing.
When a man is into extreme sports it only shows that this kind of man is into an active and fast-paced life. Women should keep account of the activities that make a guy tick as it will give them a hint on what activities to engage in also.

Appear interesting.
A woman's sense of style suggests something about her; her educational background also makes her more credible and attractive. So show to the world that you are a complete woman and that any man would be lucky to discover all of you.

Invest on stylish clothes.
Stylish clothes signify a woman with class, substance and taste. It pays to spend on fashionable clothing and accessories as this attracts the attention of men.

Get sexier with each new day.
Hit on those dumb bells and do crunches everyday! Who knows, those curves may give this guy a reason to turn his head. There are so many different things that a sexy figure can lead you to!
Initial attraction does not fill the whole story of relationship. Sometimes, an effort should be really made by women to make them more attractive and likable. So start moving and make this guy change his mind now!

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