How to Act Cute in Front of Guys! Here Are the Shortcuts to Catch a Man's Attention Real Fast

Published: 23rd August 2010
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While some guys prefer the hot seductive chick wearing tight jeans or hot bikinis, some men still go for cute girls that can make them smile on a hot stressful day.

Girls don't have to wear sexy clothes are put on red lipsticks to make them noticed by the cute boy next door. She just has to learn secret ways on how to look attractive as she masters the art of acting cute in front of guys.

1. Giggle and be cuddly.

Normal boys like hearing girls giggle, especially if they give snuggle a guy in a friendly or comforting way. Doing this is not a form of flirtation if they are talking about funny things. She can also pinch his cheek and say that he is cute.

2. Give him the opportunity to show off.

You have to give him a chance to display his muscles. Giving him the opportunity to demonstrate how strong he is gives him a sense of pride.

3. Ask him to teach you his favorite leisure.

Men forget about his date when he's in front of his favorite computer game or while doing his favorite sport. So, if you can't beat him...join him. She can even ask him to show her how to play. Playing stupid to make him feel he's smarter is another way to prolong your quality time together. This is definitely cute for guys because they will see an interesting playmate and girlfriend in her.

4. Tell him that you've got something crawling on your neck.

With a little bit of panic, the cute girl can grab her hair up from your neck and ask the guy to see if she's got something on her neck. Funny as it may seem, but this will give him the chance to discover how soft your skin is and how good your hair smells. And if you are luckier, he might even touch your neck with his curious finger tips.

5. Wipe his sweat or fix his hair.

Grab whatever chance you may have to show him how concern and sweet you can be. With a towel, or even just with your plane hand, you can wipe away his sweat or the dirt on his cheek. This is a cute way to let him feel your warm and soft palm which is very alluring.
6. Sing for him.

Any girl who has the talent to sing is cute for guys especially when they sing while doing anything. It can be while she's preparing him drinks or snacks or even while waiting for him as he prepares for their date. Showing a happy personality is a way to a man's heart.

7. Play with your tongue or lick your lollipop.

Without looking obvious, play with your lollipop. She can use her favorite candy to do the trick. How? By pushing it in and out of her mouth, and then she should lick it slowly. With your peripheral view, suddenly catch him staring at you, then giggle and blush. This is proven to come out naturally in this situation. Perfect timing is the key. He will surely find it cute to see a girl fondle a stick of sweet. Soon, his heightened curiosity will draw him closer to her sooner than she expects it.

People have different ways in getting what they want. The first step to having a relationship is to make the guy notice her, and he will only like her if she knows her way how to act cute in front of guys. This is not deception. It is just her help of helping him end his search for the cute girl he's been waiting for.

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