How to Act Around Your Ex So That They Desire You Once Again - Your Behavior Around Them Matters

Published: 06th August 2010
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This is a touchy subject as the way you act around your ex says a lot about what the relationship meant to you, what your intentions are now and how you feel about them at the moment. You don't want to say or do the wrong thing. You don't want to say too much, or not enough, for that matter. It also depends on if you want them back or not. So, to cover all the bases, here are tips for both instances.

If you want them back, try the below tips

A polite, but lingering hug
Give them a hug, but hold on a little longer than you normally would as if you were just hugging a friend. It will let them feel close to you for a moment and remind them that you're still there.

Eye contact as much as possible
Look into their eyes. They are, after all, the windows to the soul. When your eyes lock, for a moment, you're connected, and just looking at one another can speak volumes about where you want your relationship to go.

"Hey, remember that time we..."
Remind them of a place you went to together, or a situation that reminds you of something they once did. Most people like talking about their past, especially if the breakup was on good terms. It also lets them know that you've been thinking about them.

If you feel like you're better off as friends, try this

One arm hug
This is still affectionate, but not very inviting. It lets them know you're happy to see them, but not that happy. It sends a clear signal that you're not interested in more of than what you two already have.

Try to set them up with someone
If you're out somewhere and you see someone that may be their type, or if you have a friend that you think in whom they might be interested in, try to set them up. Even if you don't mean it, it lets them know that you're not interested in being with them anymore and encourages them to move on.

Ask who they're interested in
Ask about people they may be attracted to. Chances are you're not really interested in knowing, but it's a very polite way of letting them know that they should be looking for someone else. This way, you can tell them to move on without actually having to say it.

Offer friendship
Let them know if they need a friend, you are there to see them through a difficult time. Make sure you stress the word friend, but without saying "as friends". That just hurts. Just say "If you need me, or you need to talk, I'm here.

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