How to Act Around Your Ex Boyfriend - It's Extremely Important to Watch Your Actions

Published: 04th August 2010
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If you are in a position where you have to face your ex boyfriend you are left with no choice but to well, face him. But this can be quite a problem as you want him and everyone else around to feel that you are cool and you are clueless about how to act around your ex.

Don't be mean
The urge to be spiteful and mean can be quite high. But venting in front of others and especially your ex boyfriend will not only make everyone uncomfortable but will also be very embarrassing for you.

Be happy
You might not feel happy but here is not the place to show it. When you are in front of your ex you need to look happy at all times. Be as normal as you can, socialize with all around you and keep your personal problems personal.

Don't hang around him too much
Hanging around your ex too much is never really a good idea. Make him feel like you are over the relationship and you don't really care that the two of you are not together anymore. But also make sure that you don't talk to him as much as you did when you were his girlfriend.

Don't look like a dump
You might not want to look as dolled up as Victoria Beckham at all times but looking like you have stepped out of a dumpster isn't a good idea as well. Be reasonably well turned out at all times as that will make him see that you are not going to let yourself go because he's not there in your life.

Don't look needy
Don't be all over your ex and act all needy and desperate. Show him that you are a confident and self assured woman who doesn't need him to feel complete. Show him that you know that you are capable of making it on your own.

Don't act jealous
If your ex shows up with a girl then don't act all jealous. In fact you might feel that you are not acting jealous but even saying something that is not a compliment about his date, such as the color that she is wearing doesn't become her, is going to make you look jealous. So steer clear from any personal comments.

Be mature
Your overall attitude around your ex should be mature and even tempered. Don't give your ex any opportunity to make fun of you or point out any of your flaws. The more gracious and magnanimous you are the better it is.

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