How Long Does it Take to Get an Ex Back! Know This Advice Before You Even Try to Get Your Ex Back

Published: 09th August 2010
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If your ex has split up with you then every minute might seem like a year and you could be left wondering on how long does it take to get an ex back.

Well, depending on the nature of the breakup and the mindset of both partners, it could vary from a few weeks to a few months, although by following these tips you will certainly get your ex back within a couple of months.

A cooling-off period is a must
Although you might be in a hurry to get your ex back, a cooling-off period of a week or two is extremely important. This will allow both you and your ex to cool down and look at the situation with a different perspective.

While you might already be missing your ex, he or she too could start missing your presence during this vital period.

Wait a little more time in parading yourself before your ex
Even after the cooling-off period, do not try to jump in your ex's arms at each party. Instead, make sure to stay only in visual contact with your ex while talking to other friends. A little distance will re-awaken feelings of loneliness and desire within your ex.

Spend a little time in upgrading your looks too
You should make sure that your ex gets the wind knocked out of his lungs when he sees you after the cooling-off period. A little time spent on upgrading your looks will pump you up with confidence too, and your ex will now be overcome with feelings of regret of having left you.

Allow your ex to get comfortable around you
A little time will also be required to make your ex comfortable around you again. So, if you meet up at any party, mall, or corner then just talk cordially with your ex without trying to pressurize him or her. Your ex might soon get comfortable around you and turn chatty once again.

Spend a little time on introspection
You will also require a little time to sit back and introspect on the flaws of the old relationship that ultimately caused the breakup.

You will need to ensure that such flaws do not wreck your future again and you can also inform your findings to your ex in the form of a letter. Your ex might also agree with your views.

Act as if you might move on
You should also spend time on getting your life as an individual back on track. You should enter the social and professional world with the thought of regaining your self-respect and confidence to face the future.

Your ex will notice these moves and would get worried that you could soon walk away alone without waiting for him or her.

Wait for your ex to make the final move
Your ex will now initiate the final act by asking you to meet him or her for an attempt at reconciliation. Your renewed looks, confidence and independence would have melted the anger and replaced it with desire and fear of losing you forever.

These tips will require a little time to provide positive results but if executed perfectly, will surely result in getting your ex back within a couple of months.

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