How Do I Understand the Male Psychology? Here is How to Finally Understand Men on a Different Level

Published: 09th August 2010
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Okay, trying to understand men is an almost impossible task. Now, if you break it down to kinds of men and then trying to understand them, it gets easier. In many ways, you see, men are more complex than women because they are emotionally weaker and are fiercer as a group than as an individual. As they say, strength in numbers. However, it is not impossible to understand men. There are quite a number of ways to achieve this.

Find Out What Drives Him

This rule is true for men and women - whatever a man reveres, respect. This means that if he loves cars, then don't talk nasty about cars or show any sign of disrespect for his interests. In the same manner, if he holds certain people in high regard, respect that, and never put them down in his presence. He will dump you faster than lightning the minute he sees any sign of derision for his likes and interests.

Look into his background

A person is a result of his upbringing and family. You should make an effort to find out where he grew up, who his parents are and what their occupations are, as well as where he went to school. All these are factors that molded this person into who he is today.

Study the way he dresses

The way a man dresses gives away a lot of information about him. For example, baseball caps indicate a casual attitude towards life, whereas a well-pressed suit is indicative of a more rigid disposition.

Meet his friends

The people a man hangs out with is another way to understand him better. Some men enjoy going out with only women, while others have to have a boys' night out. Which one does your man enjoy more? If he likes being around women, then he has the inner confidence not to need support from other men. On the other hand, men who like being around men (no sexual innuendos here), enjoy the buddy system which means they like to lean on each other for support.

Look at his handwriting

Did you know that reading the handwriting is very interesting and can give you a clearer picture of a man's personality? For example, a signature that revolves around itself can mean a self-centered man, while a signature that slants upwards will tell you that this person has drive and ambition. Read up on more ways to understand handwriting. There's a lot of truth here which you can use to understand men better.

Go to his home

A man's abode is a very telling story. It will show you if he is organized, neat, enjoys good food, takes care of his things properly, and generally lets you know his lifestyle. If the house or apartment is neat, then he is either a neat freak or likes to have women come over.

Does he have pets?

The willingness to take responsibility for anything other than himself means the man can make commitments. Find out if he has a dog, cat, parrot, or even just a plant.

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