How Do I Make This Specific Guy Make a Move on Me & Try to Kiss? Here is What You Need to Do

Published: 09th August 2010
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There are times when you can literally scream in frustration when your boyfriend just seems too shy or hesitant to make a move and kiss you in spite of the swell dates! This is when you should take matters into your own hands and initiate the kiss. Here are some terrific tips as to how to make the guy kiss you.

Get closer
There is no way he is going to kiss you if you keep him at arm's length. Being standoffish and cold is not going to help you. You got to realize that he is probably intimated by you and is afraid of rejection. The trick is to get closer. You can do this by cuddling up to him, holding his hand etc. It will put him at ease.

Build the chemistry
Check the level of chemistry between you and build it accordingly. Let him know that you think he is sexy and handsome. Dress in a manner that is sure to excite him. Keep blowing hot and cold till he is crazy with desire for you. He is sure to kiss you soon.

Look inviting
While on a date with him it is important that he should know that you are okay with him touching you. Look inviting. Do some touching yourself. Don't hesitate to hug him or put your arms around him. Look up at him invitingly and it is going to be a matter of seconds before he kisses you.

Put him at ease
You will not believe this but guys are terrified of rejection. They will not kiss a girl till they are absolutely sure that she will not reject him. It is up to you to put him at ease and make him feel relaxed and confidant. You can do this by showing him how much you like him. Give him a peck on his cheek, a friendly hug and attempt to hold his hand. This should blow away all doubts.

Flirt like crazy
You can flirt like crazy and make him want to kiss you. Learn all the little tricks like batting your eyelashes at him, smiling a slow sultry and sexy smile, flicking your hair back and even asking him to help you open your can of coke! He will know that you are flirting with him and will take advantage of it to get closer to you.

Coax him
This means that you may have to initiate the move towards a kiss. Speak in low whispers to him. Make him lean towards you while you talk to him. Brush your arm against his, move your body suggestively and leave no doubts as to the fact that you would like him to kiss you. A little more coaxing on your part will do it!

Linger in the doorway
The next time your guy takes you home don't just thank him and skip inside the house. Linger in the doorway. Let him hold your hand and you can thank him properly by reaching up and kissing him - a peck on the cheek - and you can be sure that he will kiss you properly.

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