How Do I Make My Ex Feel Rejected After They Rejected Me? This Will Make it Happen For You

Published: 07th September 2010
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Dealing with a breakup can be hard. To cope with the rejection that comes along with it is even harder. This is probably because the ego takes a big hit when a person gets rejected making them feel worthless and incomplete.

At times letting go of the rejection and moving on in life is the best solution. But if one feels that the only way to move on is by getting even, then read on for ways to make your ex feel rejected.

Carry on with your life! Be the rock in the storm: The first shocker for your ex will be if you carry on with your life as if nothing happened. The moment you project the image that you are moving on with your life despite the break up will make your ex feel insecure and rejected.

By doing so, you will be making your ex feel that he/she was an inconsequential part of your life and that it is their loss to have rejected you.

Look happy or fake it: Face it. Your ex expects you to be miserable after he/she broke up with you. But when he/he sees that you are genuinely happy post breakup, your ex will begin to wonder if he/she was holding you back from being happy while you were together.

This will also play on their guilt; One, for rejecting you and two, for feeling bad for your happiness. Now that you seem so happy he/she will want to be with you but will know that there's no way back now.

Ignore your ex! We all chase what we can't have: Ignore your ex if you see him/her in public. It's polite to just acknowledge them but if you really want to make them squirm then see right through him/her.

Wait until your ex comes to talk to you and if he/she does then just be very impersonal and polite harboring on being cold. There couldn't be a better way of making your ex feel the rejection that he/she meted out to you.

Use jealousy! Dirty yet always effective: Jealousy can be a very powerful tool when used with caution. If you have to be seen with another person you have to make it look like a genuine date and not one of those pretend things that one does to make the ex feel jealous.

It's healthier for you too to go on a date with someone that you like so that you get the best of both get to have fun and also make your ex feel rejected.

While on the date your ex and your date should be able to see the lighter and relaxed side of that is fun and entertaining. This can be the last blow to your ex's ego for rejecting you.

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