How Do I Magnify a Man's Attraction For You Tremendously? Here Are the Tips Which Will Make it Easy

Published: 09th August 2010
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You have seen the guy of your dreams and would like him to be as attracted to you as you are to him. The best way you can do it is by creating an intense and instant attraction. Here are some helpful hints to help you attract him.

Build interest
He has to know that you exist! You can do this by catching his eye. Be stunning and look pretty and fresh. He will automatically ogle you. Once you do this you can go further by smiling at him or even talking to him. There are many pick up lines like "Hi, don't I know you from somewhere?" No matter how cliché this sounds - he will accept it from a great looking woman!

Boost your sex appeal
Know this - if you look sexy, you will have him attracted to you in an instant. You will have to wear the right type of clothes - chic, classy and not too revealing. You should not come across as cheap and easy. Let your clothes accentuate your figure. Use your assets to create intense attraction.

Have a magnetic personality
Just looks alone will not attract him. You have to work on your personality so that you will work as a magnet and attract him. Build your self confidence and your individuality. Nothing attracts a man more than a woman who is so sure of herself.

Knowledge can be power
Find out about the guy's interests, passions and hobbies. Take an interest and participate in those activities that will bring you automatically closer to him. One he sees you sharing his interests he will begin to be more interested in you. Furthermore, you will be in a position to bond closer with him.

Don't reveal too much
The greatest way to attract the guy is to be a mystery and an enigma! Don't reveal too much of your personality, abilities and charm. Keep something for the next time you meet! Let him discover new exciting facets of your character. This way the attraction towards you will build.

Be a social butterfly
Once he notices that you have no lack of admirers, he is bound to want you for himself. There is intense attraction when the competition for your attention is stiff! Be social and get out more. The more friends you have the more popular you will become.

Flirt with him
Of course, flirting with the guy will increase and encourage his attraction towards you. Learn how to subtly flirt and tease him. Gestures, looks, and even the right words will make him madly attracted to your charms. When the time is right you could further attract him by insinuating that you are equally interested in taking the relationship further.

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