How Do I Get My Man to Commit Without Pushing Him? This Will Make it All Super Easy For You

Published: 11th August 2010
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Even though you have been dating a guy for some time now, and he has shown signs that he loves to be with you, it bothers you that he is vague regarding future plans and has not bothered introducing you to his folk. Are you fed up of waiting for him to commit? These tips will definitely help you to encourage him to make a commitment.

Is he cheating you out of a wonderful life together?
Make sure that you are not being taken for a ride by the guy. Don't be a fool and give in to him completely. He could get too comfortable and take you for granted. It could end up with him having everything without committing to you - so hold out and don't surrender fully.

Don't place him under a microscope
Asking him too many personal questions will make him feel that he is being interviewed for the post of "potential husband". Asking him questions about his like and dislikes, his views and ideas will make him feel that you really care about him. So don't be too pushy and nosy. Give him time to make up his mind about you.

Make it easy for him
Enjoy his company and be his best friend. Someone he can turn to in times of trouble. Once he recognizes this quality in you - he will learn to appreciate you more. Take time to listen to him and don't criticize his every move! He will find it easy to commit to you.

Don't change too much
Its okay to try and impress him. But what you have to remember is not to change too much or else you will be completely false and not honest. It will also be difficult to keep up the pretense. He is bound to catch on and will hesitate to commit to a person who is so false!

Don't clip his wings
One of the biggest fears a man has is loss of freedom. The very thought of his woman stopping him from going out bowling with his friends and having some time by himself makes him shy away from commitment. Put him at rest by proving you are not the type of woman to do that and he will commit.

Are you too expensive?
Stop making him buy you very expensive gifts, take you to expensive restaurants and spend oodles of cash on you. You will frighten the poor guy off! He will begin to think that he will never be able to keep you satisfied. Be a woman who can be financially responsible and easy to please.

Stay loyal
If you are the type of woman who can't help flirting with the guys and who makes eyes at his best friend - there is no way he is going to be able to trust you. Without trust there is no room for commitment. Be loyal and give him your whole attention and love. He will trust you enough to commit to you.

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