How Do I Get My Ex Attracted to Me When it Seems There is No Attraction Anymore? This Will Help

Published: 07th September 2010
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Stop crying over spilt milk and get a hold of yourself. There is no use being in denial about why your ex has left you. The facts should be pretty clear to you if you are willing to face them. Its time you stopped blaming your ex for the split and subjected yourself to a reality check! Yes, the truth is going to hurt.

If you have finally realized that you are mostly to blame taking your ex for granted and making no effort to keep the flame of desire burning then its time for a complete turn-around.

o Take a good hard look at yourself: It's never too late to start taking care of your body. If you have let yourself go and become fat and flabby over the years, it is obvious that your ex would lose interest and the flames of passion have been doused.

Join a gym and start an exercise regime and diet program that will get you back into shape. If you are determined and disciplined about this, there are bound to be positive results.

o Get a complete makeover...Change it extremely important: Once you get started on that body of yours the next step would be to get a whole new look - that means a terrific wardrobe, hairstyle etc.

The next time your ex looks at you he/she should be not only pleasantly surprised but shocked at how stunning you look. If you don't give up in the middle of your diet and exercise regime you could look sexy and stunning in a short while.

o Get a new attitude to match: Just having great looks is never going to be enough. You would also have to work on your attitude. In the time it has taken you to look and feel better, you will have automatically learnt to see things in a new perspective. By then, you will have developed a new confidence in your self and your ability to get your ex back. You now do not need to flaunt that new look - just be your natural self and watch the old magic come back!

o Pamper yourself! This is the perfect time to brush everything up: Now that you have turned over a new leaf in more ways than one, go out and enjoy yourself. Make new friends and show your ex that you know how to have a great time!

At the same time don't lose contact with your ex. A subtle hint now and then should let your ex know that things could be great between the two of you once again. Be as charming and courteous when you first met and you can be sure the passion will be back - stronger than ever!

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