How Do I Get a Guy's Attention Without Trying Too Hard? Do it This Way & You Will Instantly Get It

Published: 09th August 2010
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Picture yourself sitting at a local bar, or imagine yourself at a party. Across the room you spot a really handsome guy and you would do anything just to get his attention and come on over to your side of the room. You think of ways, but you can't think of any, or at least anything that is sure to work.

Situations like this arise almost every time you are at a party, a social event or maybe just in the grocery store. You find an attractive man and you want his attention; how do you get that? Well, here are some tips to get his attention without working too hard:

Do the stare-look away-stare-smile trick.

If you caught him looking at you, that is a great chance to do this trick. By the time your eyes meet his, linger on for two seconds then look away and just about two seconds more look at him again and give him your sexiest smile.

Use body language to lure him.

A woman knows how to use body language to her advantage because they are good verbal and non-verbal communicators. You can walk as if walking towards him, and when you catch his attention turn away heading to a different direction. If you catch him glimpsing as you walk away, you have already won some part of the battle.

When you go out, always dress to impress.

Above all things, a woman should know how to dress up the right way. You should know what kinds of clothes to wear at certain occasions. Dressing up correctly means, you exude sexiness and confidence that are too difficult not to notice. Remember that men are visually-oriented; make sure to use that to your advantage.

Look happy-and be happy.

Men are attracted to women who are truly joyful. A woman who appears to be having fun is perceived as approachable and friendly. A man would not approach a woman who sits grumpily, alone, at a corner. Hearing you laugh or seeing you smile is an invitation that most men would appreciate.

Be surrounded with a fabulous and friendly crowd.
If you go to a party with a few friends, you are seen as a group and not as individuals. If you surround yourself with beautiful people, you are also perceived as beautiful. It is something psychological, but something that you can work out to your advantage.

Allow some other guy to approach you.

If another guy approaches you, let him see it. Men are provoked by competition. What is interesting to one man can instantly be interesting to another. When a man notices a woman, the remaining men in the room will automatically take notice of you.

Have the guts to introduce yourself.

Go ahead and approach him. You can start the conversation by saying something like, "How have you been enjoying the party?" If done properly, approaching a guy can gain you more benefits than you can imagine.

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