How Do I Get a Guy's Attention and Actually Keep it? These Tips Will Actually Keep Him Hooked

Published: 06th August 2010
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Often a lot of women feel at sea when they want to catch a guy's attention. Instead, of bumbling your way through; you need to progress in a methodical and organized manner that will assure you of his attention. Here are the things that you should do to get a guys attention.

Look smoking hot
You need to give yourself that jaw dropping visual appeal. When you look smoking hot then the men turn around and take notice. Along with your clothes take care of your skin and hair. Hair extensions make you look ultra feminine and sexy and there is no match for a healthy glowing complexion. Package yourself well if you want his attention.

Walk tall and feline
Get those heels out of your closet and wear them to your time out. Whether at work or when out clubbing, a pair of heels will be your best friend when you want him to take notice of you. There is something very sexual about a woman walking tall and feline in heels that makes the men sit up and take notice.

Act like a diva
Today is the day of the alpha woman...the ultimate diva. Incorporate this attitude in yours and you will find all men wanting your attention. The idea is to seem unapproachable so that these men idolize you and work hard to get your attention. Position yourself as the prize and you will get his attention.

Be witty
Humor is another quality that makes a woman very attractive to a man. Have the ability to laugh and make others laugh without seeming like a clown. Make him see the lighter side of you as well as the alpha woman side and he will get attracted to you.

Manipulate your body language
Use your body language to your advantage. Keep it open, approachable yet keep it sexy. Don't look like you are trying to get his attention but very unconsciously play with the things around you, touching them lightly and in long continuous and slow strokes. That will get his mind racing and will get him to take notice of you.

Maintain eye contact
Establish and maintain eye contact with the guy you like. This will show him that though you are open to talking to him and meeting with him you are not going to make the first move. He will be attracted to you because of your intensity and resolve.

Be bold
Be a bold person whether it's in the way you dress, talk or conduct yourself. Make him see your different layers and he will give you his attention.

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