How Do I Easily Seduce a Man & Make Him Want Me? Here is How to Be Super Seductive Around Him

Published: 09th August 2010
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Seduction... the game between men and women, and if you know how to play it, you'll always get what you want. Seduction is more a mind game than anything else, and this means that you have to know what gets the other person excited and interested before you even begin. Here are some tips on how to be seductive around a man.

Tip 1

Get his attention. Without his undivided attention, any seduction game you try to play is going south for the winter. In other words, it won't work. You can get his attention by making sure he's holding nothing but maybe a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, TV is off, phone is off the hook or shut off, and it's just you and him in the room.

Tip 2

Wear something he likes, and if you don't know what that is, then wear something sexy like a see-through blouse or mini skirt with leather boots. The trick here is not being too obvious about your intentions, so don't play up the sexiness too much.

Tip 3

Since seduction is a mind game, leave a lot to the imagination. You can seduce him slowly by licking your lips while looking into his eyes. Even in mundane places like a park, you can buy ice cream and lick it all over while appearing to be oblivious to anything but the ice cream.

Tip 4

Put a hint of danger in the situation by caressing him under the table in the middle of a room full of his associates or friends. It will be a little secret between the two of you. Just don't do this in front of his family. The chances of getting caught is about 90%, and it might not make you look good to be the aggressor in this kind of situation.

Tip 5

Sashay your hips softly when walking towards him and away from him. Just make sure his eyes are on you, and not on anything else.

Tip 6

Invite to slow dance with you, with or without music. You could sing to him softly in his ear, with a hint of breathlessness, or play with his hair and neck. Men have trigger points in their body like their nape and the small of their back. Use your fingers to do the walking.

Tip 7

Play with your hair. This is body language for seduction and men know this. It also creates an image in their mind, especially if they're into silky, soft hair.

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