How Do I Attract & Keep Younger Guys in My Life? This Will Keep Him Hooked on to You

Published: 10th August 2010
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Age is actually just a number. How you feel and what you feel has got nothing to do with your numerical age. Sometimes it's just a younger mind stuck inside an older body. If you feel that you would hit it off better with a younger man then here are a few ways to attract a younger man.

Look better than your years
This is a no brainer. You "have" to look better than your years if you want to attract a younger man. So go in for advanced treatments that make your skin and hair soft and silky. Also dress in a very smart, sexy and stylish manner. Manage to look classy and cool even in your gym gear.

Do activities that involves a young crowd
Going to a book club is not the best way to attract a younger man. You have to go to places and do activities where you have a chance of meeting with a younger man. Taking a salsa lesson or going in for some sports is a much better idea.

Be mature
When you meet a younger guy don't try to act your age. You have to realize that he has to get attracted to and you have to act your age. Being 40 and acting like a 20 year old is seriously putting off. Remember that the main thing that will attract a younger guy to you will be your maturity.

Have confidence
You also have to be supremely confident and self assured to attract a younger man. All men like women who are confident. A younger man will get attracted to you because he will know that you don't come with that extra emotional baggage, are sure of yourself and know what you want out of life.

Be approachable
It can be intimidating for a younger man to approach an older woman. So make yourself approachable by smiling (not like a psycho), having an open and inviting body language and an overall pleasing personality.

Don't be a drama queen
Over reacting or behaving like a drama queen is going to attract NO guy, leave alone a younger man. You have to come across as a very composed and sorted individual out to have a good time so that you can attract him to you.

Don't get desperate
Lastly, don't act desperate in order to get a younger man. Going out of your way and asking him out is a bad idea. Attract him with your charm and sex appeal and make him work for your attention. You will have created a lasting attraction.

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