How Can You Make Your Crush Like You? Read This If You Want Him to Like You a Lot

Published: 05th August 2010
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It's sometimes difficult to get reciprocated with your feelings for the opposite sex. Many individuals get deeply hurt and afraid to love again because of unrequited love. It puts your confidence level and self-esteem to an all-time low and you feel like you don't want to exist around him anymore.

But puppy love is a game you can play. If you are determined to win then these are the ways to get to victory:

Know her standards and likes
People have their own preferences and knowing if you qualify or need to improve some is a way to make her like you. Do some research on information that will help you in making a move to captivate your crush's heart.

Befriend him and make your intention clear
Creating a healthy relationship is a way to achieve his trust. Once you get there, clarify your intentions so to avoid any misunderstanding and misinterpretations.

Be charming and sweet
Give her a good first impression. Getting prepped up whenever you see her and keeping things sweet and lovely helps you to make your way through the crowd. Wearing a smile whenever you see her also radiates a positive aura and makes the her more attracted to you.

Be confident but not arrogant
Confidence boosts one's sex appeal but being egoistic is a turn-off to anybody. Especially when what you say or do is untrue or doesn't stand any better than someone in the group. Relaxing and taking things smoothly and easily will not jeopardize your plans for that crush of yours.

Stay honest, be true
Nobody likes liars. It's reality that when one does something good, it cannot be remembered for long but if one commits a mistake, the people involved will be marked for the rest of their lives. So be careful and truthful. At least in being honest you do not have to remember the things that you have said and done just to keep it real.

Make him feel important
Caring for one's well-being is heart warming. It's great to feel that you are important to someone. With your caring attitude, he is able to verify the sincerity of your feelings towards him.

Do not pressure her and expect for something in return
Yes, the goal is to make her fall for you, too. But don't push your crush to do it. Let things happen naturally. Remember to always expect for the worst and hope for the best.

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