How Can You Influence Your Ex to Take You Back? Use These Tips to Win Your Ex Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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The thing about dirty mind games is that it works both ways, and what started as an attempt to influence your ex could very well end up influencing you. Nevertheless, if you think you can dish it out without taking it yourself, go right ahead. Use these tricks to pull your ex back...


First thing you should know about mind games is that you need to achieve a position of dominance. As in you should be the winner from the breakup. Get yourself a makeover, buy some nice clothes, turn on the charm and pretend like you're this whole other person who is happy and enjoying life.

When your ex finds out that you're actually happier and more attractive because you got dumped, there's going to be second thoughts and doubts about maybe it was the wrong decision, and you two should actually be together. Give your ex plenty of opportunities to bump into you and initiate a conversation.

Getting them back personally...

You can take it to the next level by going out with a close friend of your ex. If you simply go out with someone else, it sends the message that you're not interested in your ex anymore.

So go out with someone your ex knows. It will clearly send the message that you're trying to elicit some reaction from your ex, and believe me, it's difficult to ignore something like this. Your ex will step in to put a stop to your flirting with this friend. And that's when you need to start talking about getting back together.

If you need help, convince as many friends and family members of your ex as possible to put in a good word for you. When your ex gets hit with a steady drumbeat of advice from close friends and family about how it's best for you two to get back together, it won't be long before your ex starts having doubts and gives in and agrees to have a 1-on-1 with you.

Do what your ex loves to do...

Lastly, you could also start taking more of an interest in your ex's daily activities. Not to the length of stalking, but sort of a casual encounter. If possible, be there before your ex, and take a friend along with you. Be nice, and instead of talking like a victim, just ask how your ex is feeling, and say that you're concerned, and sorry about any hurt you caused.

Before you get back to your friend, just throw in that if your ex would like to have a chat, maybe you two could sit down for a chat sometime soon. Add that you'll be talking to your ex in no time once you do this.

If you talk politely and in a tone which indicates that you're just making small talk, your ex will think that you're really sincere and it was a casual encounter, and it will work in the end.

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