How Can I Make My Ex Take Me Back? The Quick 4 Step System Which Will Make Your Ex Take You Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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If you want to bring your ex back into your life, it's actually not as hard as it seems, you actually just need to know what to do, and how to do it.

In fact, you can make your ex take you back! Use these 4 steps to make your ex take you back fast:

Step #1: Do what your ex loves to do!-

Go out and start doing the things that your ex loves to do, even if you were afraid of them before! If your ex loved to ski, or swim, or even just read; go out and indulge yourself in these kinds of activities.

Doing such can prove to your ex that you are compatible, but it will also give you a better understanding of each thing that your ex loves to do, and it will give you a better bond with your ex over all, which will help you to make your ex want you back.

Step #2: Change your look to be more physically dramatic -

Looks are something that people can grow used to, and unfortunately people can also grow bored of them, even if we look like a supermodel. However, this does not mean that your ex cannot find you physically attractive once again.

Change your look to be more dramatic, by adapting new clothing and hairstyles into your look, and by changing this, you will visually draw your ex to notice you.

Step #3: Go through the back door, with your ex's friends -

If you just directly whine and cry to your ex to take you back, he/she won't, and that is the front door approach.

But, if you convince your ex's friends that you are the most compatible person for your ex, thus the back door approach, they in turn will begin to subconsciously send your ex the message that he/she should take you back.

This step can be accomplished by befriending your ex's friends, and telling them all about how great your life is now and how many fantastic things you are doing.

If you fear that his/her friends don't like you, don't worry, because they will still be talking about you to your ex, which subconsciously ingrains the idea of YOU into your ex's mind, and makes them think about you more.

Step #4: Psychologically trigger jealousy in your ex -

You can psychologically make your ex jealous, which in turn gives them the feeling that they should get you back fast, by flirting with someone in front of them. Make sure you look as if you are really happy and having lots of fun with this person, which in turn makes your wonder and feel as if they never made you that happy.

This is like a dominoes effect on your ex, which ends up making your ex feel so emotional about you once again, that they will take you back.

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