How Can I Get a Guy I Like to Notice Me? You Won't Struggle With it After You Read This

Published: 01st September 2010
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It is very unusual for a girl to approach a guy she likes very much. A lot of guys take advantage to these kinds of girls instead of liking them. Men are usually shallow-minded, especially when experiencing physical attraction. They also easily forget, so expect that next time he does not remember you. A lot of girls think it is the best way to let him know you like him. Making them like us is really hard, especially if they are pretty occupied.

There are certain ways to get your crush to notice you. Here are 7 ways:

Befriend him. You must try to get to know him. You like him, but do not show it. Be his friend first. Like the things he likes; however, do not get very involved as it can tend to get crowded. Try to ask him questions instead.

Be charming. Do not be the first one to make the move. If a guy likes you, he will come to you. Do not expose yourself like a mannequin. Do stuff like reading a magazine. Look cute while doing that and he will surely ask you what you are reading. From there, start a good conversation.

Make eye contact and smile. Do it even if it is hard to do. If you cannot do it naturally, pretend and act as if you are a cheerful and positive person.

Be assertive. You are in control of everything. Guys are also shy and ill at ease to the girls they admire, so do not clasp back. As I have said, you are in control. Show him girl power. Boys like it.

Give him the out of the ordinary feel. Why do you want him? Why do you like him? It is because you like and want him? If that is the case, then let him feel or know that you are interested in him and that you want to get to know him even more.

Do not look such as mess. It is a total turn-off for a man when he sees a girl untidy and not presentable. For example, wearing un-ironed shirt, messy hair, dirty face and so on. Make it to a point to look respectable and well dressed. This will surely get him to notice you.

Walk in his direction. Walk in front of him with sophistication. That will definitely make him notice you. You can do it anywhere - in class, out in the streets, in the gym - anywhere.

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