Here is How to Drive Your Ex Crazy For You Extremely Fast! You Don't Want to Miss This at Any Cost

Published: 07th September 2010
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When you and your girlfriend have broke up, you feel that you are missing her each day. However, she doesn't seem to care and she's giving you silent treatment. If your former girlfriend is acting weird and she is cold towards you, then she might probably hate you. Get her back and make her crazy for you again in just a few days!

Here are 4 tricks to make your ex wildly crazy for you in just days!

1. Apologize to her and eliminate hatred in your system
- One of the reasons why you and your ex haven't reconciled yet is because no one would like to make the move and apologize. If you are going to let your pride and your ego to control you, then your former girlfriend will most likely hate you because you never learn to apologize.

2. Move on with your life
- After you have apologized to your ex, the next best thing to do is to let things pass. Do not rush your former girlfriend into making decisions. Do not let your emotions affect your life entirely. Move on with your life and continue the things that you do.

3. Stay close to your common friends and your former girlfriend's family
- Common friends can help you a lot when you want your former girlfriend to be crazy for you again. Seek the help of your common friends but make sure that you do not directly ask it from them because this can reach your ex and will definitely lead to much trouble. Aside from common friends, you can also ask help from her family if you are close to them.

4. Upgrade yourself to a hotter new version
- To make her go wildly crazy for you, you need to upgrade yourself to a hotter version. Change your old usual boring style and go something spicier. Go to the gym and work out so that you can achieve a hotter new body.

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