Great Ways to Ask a Guy Out! Do it This Way and You Will Most Probably Get a Yes Response

Published: 05th August 2010
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It is not uncommon for girls asking guys out these days. However, you may find this a big deal when you have never done it before. If you find a really great guy who you want to ask out, here are some tips for you before you do the asking.

Find out first, what he is like

Before you go and ask this guy out, you should first get to know him. You do not want to ask out a guy you barely know, as he might turn out to be an absolute jerk. Make sure that you want to go out with this guy because you know he is great.

Let him know you like him every time you talk to him

Whenever you have the chance to talk, you would want to let him know that you like him so that it wouldn't come as a shock to him when you ask him out. Let your body language say that you are absolutely interested.

Smile a lot and make him feel like you're a lot of fun

He should know that you are a fun person to be with, so that he would be excited to go out with you. Make sure that you smile a lot and you show him you have a sense of humor. If you are boring right from the start, he might not be enthusiastic at the idea of you spending time alone together.

Know what his favorite sport or past time is

Do your little research and make sure you know what his favorite sport or past time is. You need this because it would help if you know what kind of date you should ask him to. If he is the type who loves trying out exotic cuisines, then you can ask him if he wants to try this new place downtown.

You can start of by going out as a group

If you are feeling nervous and uneasy about the thought of being alone together, you do not have to rush things. You can ask him out but in a group date so as to make things comfortable between the two of you.

Be confident and ask him if he wants to do it again sometime

When you had so much fun in your group date and you are more than convinced that you want this guy, let go of the nervousness and just ask him out again, this time with just the two of you. If he had so much fun with you in the group date, he wouldn't think twice about being with you again.

Your last resort is to ask him through text

This is absolutely not advisable but asking him through text can be your last resort if you cannot do the asking face to face. It is obviously easier to ask him out through text as you can get it over with in just a touch of a few buttons.

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