Go Ahead, Get Your Ex Back! 2 Tips Which Will Make Your Ex Emotionally Attracted to You Again!

Published: 07th September 2010
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You have the right to make your ex emotionally attracted to you again, because the truth of the matter they are! You see, your ex is literally still attracted to YOU, but what they are NOT attracted to are some of the things you have done.

This means that all you have to do is remove their thoughts from the bad things in the past, and make them concentrate on something else... but what should they concentrate on?

Read on to find out the 2 tips which will make your ex emotionally attracted to you again....

The guilt trip

Your ex may have enjoyed making you feel guilty thus far, and if your ex has always been throwing things in your face, this means that they do in fact feel extremely emotionally attracted to you, because they CANNOT get over what you did.

However, that is a completely different topic, but still, what you need to do is turn this guilt around and make YOUR EX feel guilty; except, you will not make your ex feel guilty for the same things.

To make your ex feel guilty, all you need to do is convince them that you are HAPPIER now than you were with them. The best way to go about this, is to go out and do as many things as you can and appear to be happier than ever. You want your ex to notice the actual physicality of it, watching you smile and laugh in public.

You can top this off by expanding your social network and having as much physical proof of how happy you are now (by adding comments on your network, adding photographs of what you are doing etc....).

This in turn will make your ex feel and think that they NEVER made you happy.

This in turn subconsciously tells your ex to TRY and make you happy again, because they will emotionally feel insulted to see you so happy WITHOUT them, and envy will take over, thus making your ex emotionally drawn and attracted to you again.

The narcissistic approach

You can tap into your ex's emotionally narcissistic side by inflating the idea of their own importance, through reverse psychology. This can be done by telling your ex that they couldn't date you again even if they wanted, and giving them the idea that they are now below your standards.

This will in turn entice an emotional response and make your ex even more attracted to you, because you are in turn making them feel as though they should once again prove you wrong.

Your ex will feel challenged by your new ego sense, and then your ex will get his/her ego up, but the thing here is that your ex will literally do ANYTHING to satisfy their own ego, especially when it is on the line, such as in an example like this.

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