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Published: 10th September 2010
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Breaking up is never easy. Songs have been sung; Poems have been read all in the name of love. Trite and corny as it seems, love (or the lack of it) could make or break a person. So, your ex left you and you're now in quandary as what to do to get your ex back. Here are some ways to easily get your ex back.

Say I'm sorry - Be sincere in saying the words "I'm sorry" for all the bad things that you have done to your ex. You should look directly to his/her eyes while saying it. Say it like you mean it! Give your ex the time to digest your apology. Don't rush him/her.

Learn to listen - Let your ex say what he/she wants to say. This is the right time for you to know what is inside your ex's mind and hear. It will help you get some ideas that could help the two of you resolve your differences.

Forget the past - Throw away the bad things and thoughts but keep the lessons learned from the breakup. Sometimes experience help you become better person. Think twice or maybe thrice before saying things that might hurt the feelings of your ex. Be sensitive to tour ex's needs and feelings.

Reverse psychology - is a good technique in winning your ex back into your life. Act as if the breakup did not affect you adversely. If you and your ex were so tight (as in being together 24/7) the separation is an opportunity for your ex to miss you. If you're meant to be, your ex will call. Be patient.

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