Extremely Effective Ways to Make a Guy Like You! Here is What Every Woman Should Be Aware of

Published: 01st September 2010
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Why eye that dream guy from a corner when you can make him like you and woo you too? Well, if you follow these easy steps then you will soon make a guy really like you for life.

Carry yourself with poise
You can make the desired guy notice you if you carry yourself with poise and dignity. A confident stature will attract your guy towards you as behaving in a desperate manner will only make him lose all respect for you.

Put your best thigh forward
Painful as it might be, guys also go in for physical attributes and if you do have a well-toned body, then a short glimpse of your fit and covered thigh should make him forget about any other girl in the room.

Give him an eye massage
You can also attract his attention by shyly looking towards him whenever you find him looking towards you. He is sure to like it when you give him admiring looks or even let a shy smile slip out of your lips.

Start an interesting conversation
Once your guy introduces himself then make sure to start an interesting conversation based on his likes. This will please him further as this will indicate that you are in tune with his own thoughts.

Laugh and hold his arm
If your guy makes you laugh then do so as this will make him happy. You can also hold his arm innocently as you lean towards him while laughing at his jokes. This will indicate your willingness to get closer to him.

Do not force your views on him
Allow him to express his views as an individual instead of forcing your views on him. You will quickly realize if both of you are mentally compatible when you talk to him. Your guy will appreciate the freedom that you give him instead of trying to convert him towards your way of thinking.

Indicate your interest in him
Instead of being sent to the "Friends" Folder, make sure that you indicate to him that you would like to be much more than friends without pressurizing him any further. He can now decide if he wants to go ahead even as his respect and love for you will increase due to your honesty.

By letting the guy that you like him even while maintaining your poise, you will impress him enough for him to approach you. You can now use humor and tune in to his likes to impress him further, and should only indicate that you really like him after you get to know him well. Your honesty will certainly make him like and love you for life.

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