Ex Ignoring You, No Problem! This Will Literally Make Your Ex Become Addicted to Contacting You!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Is your ex ignoring you? Well that's no big deal, really! You see, your ex is about to literally become addicted to talking to you again.

It will be like the old days when you spoke for hours and the time flew by, and trust me, this will REALLY make your ex addicted to contacting you again....


Turn off your computer, turn your phone off, heck, even leave the city if you have to! The point here, is that you should literally prevent ALL contact with your ex for a period of 2 weeks.

It will be the hardest two weeks of your life, but it will also be the best thing you can ever do for yourself, because it triggers a chain reaction and once you do, the following will happen:

I. Your ex will be shocked.

II. He/she will start wondering what happened to you... due to the sudden lack of contact.

III. They will become worried and will wonder if you have moved on even

IV. Fear will develop and your ex will then think that perhaps you are dating again and have forgotten about them

V. They will become insecure thinking you have abandoned them and will feel lonely

VI. Your ex will secretly miss having you call them and will want to speak to you again to satisfy their curiosity.

Reverse Psychology

You will now want to give your ex the impression that they really ARE going to lose you, and that they have made a HUGE mistake in avoiding you and breaking up with you.

To do this, you can use reverse psychology. After you have avoided contact with your ex for a while, send them this text message:

" Hi (friend's name) I'm really busy now and can't talk. Meeting hot date tonight. Msg me and will tell you about it"

Make sure that you put a friends name or the name of someone your ex knows about in the text, so that they think you are talking to someone else about meeting someone new. Your ex will think you accidentally sent that to them, and in turn will also come to believe you are in fact dating again.

This will make your ex instantly jealous and feel as though you have literally rejected them.

You will then notice your ex going nuts trying to get ahold of you and wanting to stop you from dating someone else. This will make your ex contact you again, because it will further assert the emotional rollercoaster they were on when you first started ignoring him/her...

But, you shouldn't give in to their nosiness, and should make them chase you even more by telling them you have to go.

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