Ex Girlfriend Ignores Me, What Shall I Do? Here is How to Make Her Notice You Once Again

Published: 09th August 2010
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When your girlfriend unfortunately ignores you after your recent break up, then it only means one thing - she needs space and time to accept and understand the things that had happened between the two of you. If after a week or two has passed and your girlfriend or ex still ignores you, check out the following tips to get your ex to talk to you again:

Review your past deeds and find out why your girl does not want to talk to you again - Remember that girls are sensitive not only to the words you have uttered but to the actions that you have done. When she is still ignoring you, it means that she still harbors feelings of hate or hurt and she may want to get back at you. You need to think of the things that might have caused those hurtful feelings so you can apologize for whatever it is you have done.

Try and Think of the Situation In Her Shoes - This is the right time to start thinking from her point of view so you can have a good grasp of the reason why she does not want to talk to you. Imagine the situation as if you were on her shoes so you will get a good idea of the reason behind her silence.

Once the Problem Has Been Determined, Apologize For All the Wrong Things you Have Done - Now that you probably know the source of all hatred and hurt feelings, make proper apologies and ask for forgiveness from your girl. This action will let her know that you have done a lot of thinking about the things that had occurred in your relationship and that you are ready to make amends for the wrong things you have said and done.

If she still ignores you, chances are she still wants you - The reason why your ex may still ignore you is that she may still have feelings for you. She may not accept your apologies at first but give her time to heal her wounds but always be there by her side to give support. Remember that you need not force her to talk to you again or return your calls, just let her know that you are always there when she needs you.

Give her a dose of her own medicine and ignore her back - Your ex girlfriend may be ignoring you because she wants to show you how much you don't matter anymore. Reciprocate the gesture so you can get her attention and see how she reacts. She may be thinking hard why you are now ignoring her which will now lead to her contacting you again.

Mysteriously disappear for some time to arouse her curiosity - Be mysterious and don't show up for a while. If she still likes you but ignores you, this action will awaken the curiosity and worry in her. She will then try to find you and think of things such as where you went and whether you have found another woman to replace her.

Improve yourself and show up with your best look to get her successfully back - While you are away, use the excess time to improve your looks and your confidence. This way when you show up, your girlfriend will likely see you as the man she has fallen in love before which will make it hard for her to resist talking to you again.

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