Does Your Ex Send Mixed Signals? 15 Signs Which Confirm If Your Ex Loves You Still Or Not!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Does your ex send you mixed signals and you never seem to be able to read your ex's mind?

If you want to read someone's mind, the real key to reading someone's mind is NOT to stare at their eyes and try and guess what they are thinking, but rather you just have to watch what they DO.

In fact, all you have to really do is look at how your ex responds to you and reacts to you, and you will instantly know whether or not they love you still. Use these 15 signs to confirm whether or not your ex loves you still or not...

1. Has his/her friends ask you questions, so that they can find out about you through the "back door", because they want to get back together with you.

2. Bumps into you and shows up to places you frequent, because they still want to see you and meet you.

3. Makes passes at you- tries to be intimate with you again, by kissing or touching you.

4. Purchases things for you- they get you gifts and things you need, even if you have told them not to.

5. Apologizes and often expresses regret for their mistakes which they believe have caused you harm, and want to reconcile.

6. Tries really hard to impress you with changes in their life or new things they have done recently, to try and get your interest again.

7. Concentrates on the past and the memories they have of you, and obviously is not over you still.

8. Changes and does exactly what you asked them to, so that you can trust them again or want them back.

9. Tries to make you jealous- either by telling you about their new dating life, or by flirting with people you know. He/she wants to see you react and like them again, that's why they are trying to make you jealous.

10. Takes extreme care to look better and has started workout out a lot and changing their wardrobe for you to notice.

11. Is easily made jealous, especially if they think you are dating again, and always asks you about your dating life.

12. Constantly noses around in your personal life, and wants to know what you are doing, and who you are with.

13. Makes attempts to meet you and be with you again, by suggesting new places to go and new things you can do together.

14. Still acts really nice towards you around his/her friends- even though you are broken up, and still makes sure that their friends respect you and treat you good.

15. Frequently calls you, and makes it part of their schedule to speak to you, and always wants to know what you are doing and if you are ok.

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