Does Your Ex Ignore You Always? 5 Keys Which Will Prevent Your Ex From Ignoring You Ever Again!

Published: 07th September 2010
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There is nothing more frustrating, annoying, and hurtful than to have someone you love ignore you. You want to get a point across to them, and show them something, and they just could seem to care less...

So how do you win them over and make them stop ignoring you? How do you get your ex back when they won't even talk to you?

All of these problems can be solved by using these 5 keys to prevent your ex from ignoring you ever again....

Have an affair with a close friend...

Have an affair with someone close to your ex. Don't make it intimate, but rather just date someone your ex is aware of, so that jealousy will be triggered. This trick is very powerful, because there is literally no way your ex can ignore it, especially if you are going out with one of your ex's friends.

It forces your ex to notice you with someone else, and see something they once had being taken away. It will definitely make your ex stop ignoring you.

Quit making things worse

Instead of incessantly calling, leaving long messages, sending tons of emails, begging and what they don't expect: stop harassing them! Instead of acting like the victim, act like you are free now, and this will really get your ex's attention!

Your sudden sense of freedom can make you happy, and in turn will make your ex wonder if they were holding you back...which in turn makes them feel guilty, and finally makes them want you back.

Butter up the bread

Does your ex hate you? Who cares! Butter up the bread and get really close with your ex's family and friends. If they don't hate you, they will eventually convince your ex to take you back and quit ignoring you. So butter up the bread!

Reverse psychology

Use reverse psychology and make your ex really stop ignoring you, by taking up activities which he/she loves to do. This will in turn make your ex feel impressed and also attracted to you again, because you will appear to have more in common with your ex again.

Not only this, but it's a good way to get back into their heart, by taking action and doing the things your ex loves, and in turn it will make your ex never want to ignore you ever again...because you will appear to be fun and outgoing.

Become popular

This is a sneaky trick, because it uses social conditioning to force your ex to notice you and quit ignoring you. How so? Well, if you become popular, then everyone will talk about you and like you etc... and your ex will always have to hear about you in one way or another.

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