Does Your Ex Hate You? So What! These Tactics Will Force Your Ex to Want You Back Desperately

Published: 10th September 2010
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Have you ever felt like your ex is acting like he's hated you that much and wouldn't want to talk to you? Maybe he really does hate you after all. However, so what if he hates you? It will just be temporary because once he realized that you are just the right girl for him, he'll go running after you like he's desperate to have you back.

Here are 4 tactics that will force your ex to want you back desperately:

1. Stay calm and let your emotions stabilize

- You need to calm yourself down once your ex is acting cold towards you. You won't be able to totally control your feelings but it is still important to keep your composure, especially if your ex feels cold towards you. Aside from that, being desperate and depressed won't help you to get your ex back in your life.

2. Provide enough space to your ex

- Just as you are calming your emotions, you need to provide space to your ex. It would be even more helpful if you are going to leave your ex alone so that he will have time to reflect on things. Aside from that, he would even wonder why you are avoiding him. Because of that, he'd be the one to initiate in contacting you.

3. Go out and give yourself a makeover

- Instead of locking yourself at your room, it would be best to go out and give yourself a makeover. Go to the salon and get a new haircut. A new haircut will give you a fresher look and this will surely surprise your ex.

4. Show your ex that you still care for him

- No matter how cold your ex is towards you, just accept his treatment. When he is in need or he is facing a problem, show him that you still care even if he acted cold towards you before.

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