Does Reverse Psychology Really Work to Win My Ex Back? You Bet it Does, This Will Show You How!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Reverse psychology can work in your favor to win your ex back, and in fact, it's a very effective tactic! You see, what reverse psychology does, is it makes your ex pay attention to you, and he/she won't be able to brush you off once you use these tricks. Read on to find out how you can use reverse psychology to pull your ex back:

o Disappearing act - You were there, NOW you are NOT. The disappearing act works wonders on your ex's mind. It works in a completely fascinating way to. But first, you have to disappear, and literally get out of sight of your ex.

What will happen, is that without your constant contact, your ex will suddenly feel empty in his/her life. They will wonder what has happened to you, and will suddenly feel a need to be in contact with you. It really works wonders, as it really reverses your ex's thinking about everything.

Normally they would have ignored you, and ignored the thought of you, because you were always around. But, by simply reversing the situation, you have caused a huge chain reaction which goes like this:

1. Your ex gets bored, you aren't there to entertain their emotions.
2. Your ex feels a lack of attention, and therefore goes through withdrawal periods, where they feel as if they have almost been rejected.
3. The idea that you are dating or seeing someone else slips into your ex's mind, as they can't think of any other reason why you would deliberately ignore them.
4. Your ex then becomes jealous and worried that maybe you really have moved on.
5. Your ex feels worse, wondering who will care about them anymore, and who will love them.
6. Since you haven't been around for a few days, anxiety builds and your ex becomes so curious.
7. The curiosity gets so bad that your ex will finally try and contact you just to see if their suspicions are correct.

o Flaunt it, because you have got it - In the meanwhile, while your ex is wondering what is going on, make things even more irresistibly curious for your ex, by having a blast in the meantime, but do this in the public eye, especially in front of his/he friends.

If you are familiar with the kinds of activities your ex loves doing with his/her friends, go to those same places where the friends will be and socialize with your friends. Have tons of fun, and be as out going as possible. Even go out and try new things that you have never tried before.

What will happen, is that this will have a reverse psychology effect on your ex, causing them to feel as if they weren't good enough for you and that they didn't make you happy enough.

Naturally, after a breakup, your ex expects that you would be sad, upset, and not be able to get over them. But once your ex hears that you are happy and running around having a blast, it will hit your ex hard, where they will feel as if they never made you happy before.

Think about it, if you are more happy after the break up, naturally it would show your ex that they were never good enough for you, which in turn makes your ex want to prove that they were and still are good enough.

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