Does My Ex Still Like Me? 7 Sure Fire Keys to Figure Out Whether Your Ex Likes You Or Not

Published: 07th September 2010
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The breakup has occurred. Your ex has retired hurt into his/her own corner. But very soon, feelings of love are sure to blossom back into his/her loveless life and your ex might try to slyly slide towards your corner.

In such a case, your love-struck ex is sure to emit signs that he/she still likes you. Pay heed to these signs that indicate that your ex still wants you back.

Change of attitude...
The first change you will pleasantly notice is a change of attitude towards you. Your ex's anger would have mysteriously vanished and replaced by coy glances. This should provide you with a warning that weirder moves are in the offing.

Your ex offers to help you...
You might notice that your ex offers to help you out with any problem that he/she might have anticipated. Your ex would be in a position to know your weaknesses but the fact that he/she offers help might be a pleasant shock for you.

Your ex starts calling you up...
Your ex might also start calling you up with flimsy questions or might also ask for help. Your ex could also start forwarding you silly jokes or poems in a bid to remain in touch. This could also be a ploy by your ex to keep tabs on your whereabouts, especially if the calls are over your cell phone.

Your ex gets nosy about your dating status...
Your ex might suddenly develop a long nose that might start probing into your dating status. He/She might be very much interested in knowing if you were dating and could even get upset to find out that you were serious about someone.

Your ex reaches out to your friends and family...
Your ex could have figured out that by winning over your friends and family, he/she might eventually win you over. You could notice your ex giving gifts to your family on special occasions or turning up to meet your friends with increasing frequency.

Your ex opens up to you...
You could find your ex opening up to you by informing you about his/her daily activities in detail. Your ex might also initiate action by inviting you to a cup of coffee. Your ex could also start giving you romantic looks while speaking to you and could lead you down memory lane with his/her words.

Your ex would not have started dating...
Your ex would not even have thought about dating anyone else after the breakup. This could be a sure-shot sign that he/she likes you, especially if your ex has also been throwing you the above hints as well.

The above signs will truly indicate that your ex regrets the decision of splitting up with you and is trying to make moves towards wooing you back into his/her life.

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