Does My Ex Love Me Still? 5 Tips to Cut Through All the Confusion & Tell If They Love You Still!

Published: 07th September 2010
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You are constantly asking yourself "Does my ex still love me?"...

But, your ex is sending you mixed signals and you are so confused about how they really feel about you. At one minute they are concentrating on how you are broken up and they want to move on with life, and the next minute they are suggesting that they are not over you and want you back.

Why not cut through all the confusion and actually find out if your ex still loves you? Use these 5 tips to determine whether or not your ex still loves you...

5. He/she is obsessed with knowing how you are doing and MUST speak with you daily

Your ex is too nosy about you, and this is a sign that they are still possessive of you. He/she must speak with you daily, and if not, they will definitely make sure that they are frequently speaking with you.

4. Talks about the past and what they love that you used to do

"Remember when....and then you...." Your ex will always be talking about the things you used to do, which they remember. This is obviously a sign that they love you still and really miss having you in their life.

3. Makes drastic changes for YOU

You have asked your ex to change a few things, and they have. Or at least he/she is making efforts to change these things and make you feel better about them. Not only this, but your ex has tried to physically show you the change, instead of just saying they did, without taking action.

You may notice your ex trying to express this by trying to impress you or meet you and go places that you always wanted to go together.

2 Saying they miss you

Your ex will express that they miss you, and will also talk about what they miss. You may even notice your ex getting emotional about it, and trying to see you all the time.

You can also tell if your ex misses you by the amount of contact he/she keeps with you. You might have just talked to them for an hour, and when you hang up they call you right after wanting to talk some more.

1. Your ex hasn't moved on or dated anyone else

This is a sure shot sign that your ex isn't over you, and moreover that they still love you, because they are DELIBERATELY avoiding dating other people. This means that they are maybe waiting for you to take them back, or perhaps are afraid to express to you that they do in fact want you back.

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