Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me? Here is How to Know If He is Really Serious About You Or Not

Published: 04th August 2010
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Have you felt that the spark has faded out and that he is slipping away from the grasp of your relationship? Has he changed from that obsessed guy to a person who has become lenient on you? Read the things you have to watch for to see if he is still in love with you.

He tells you he wants space
A guy who asks you to give him this kind of "space" is actually having second thoughts about you. Do not immediately grant him this request. Explore the reasons why he started feeling this way. Maybe you could patch things up without having to get yourselves farther from each other.

"It's not you, it's me."
This is a classic. You have to realize that it is you. He just doesn't know how to blurt it all out and say it in a way that will not shatter you to pieces. When he does say these words, just thank him for the months or years that you've spent together and calmly leave. This should make him wonder and would even drive him nuts.

He begins to keep secrets
Sure it's fine to keep a secret to yourself. Everybody needs to have something kept for themselves only. But it's different when the other people know it and they all keep it secret from you. Simply said, when the whole town knows something about you and your boyfriend that you don't have any idea about, better be ready.

He avoids you
Making up excuses not to see you is an obvious sign that he is losing interest on you.

Keeps on arguing with you
A guy who loses his temper easily loses his listening skills, too. If you constantly have heated argument over things that are trivial, it only shows that he isn't taking the relationship seriously anymore. That hurting you is not even something he should be concerned about.

The poker face
A blank face will tell so much about how he feels for you. It's like he isn't enjoying your company anymore or he's thinking too deeply on whether to stay or leave.

Breaks up with you
Not all breakups are due to falling out of love. Some just want to leave because they wanted some time for themselves or that there are still some things that have to be taken care of. Before you let him go, clarify the reasons why he wants to leave you so that you won't be dwelling on false hopes that he might come back soon.

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