Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me! Sure Fire Ways to Test the Real Depth of His Love Almost Instantly

Published: 05th August 2010
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If a guy from your past has told lies and has hurt you, it does not mean that all guys are like him. If the guy you are dating now tells you he loves you and that you feel that he is sincere, most likely he is telling the truth. However, if you want to be absolutely sure, here are a few things that you can check to make sure he does really love you:

His world seemingly revolves around you
You should have no doubts when you feel that his world is revolving around you. You'll know this when he makes every decision based on you and your relationship. For instance he moves into a new job so that he can be close to where you live. He also starts working out because he knows this is what you want.

He finds ways to always make you happy
When you notice that your guy would do anything just to cheer you up, this means he is really in love with you. When you love someone, you would do anything to always make her happy, even putting her needs before you. You will feel if your boyfriend always tries to surprise you or disregards what he wants in order to please you.

He cares about your feelings
He doesn't love you when he does not care about your feelings. If your man cares about what you feel about certain things, like him going on a business trip for a month, you will know that his love is for real.

He always finds time to be with you
You would know that he loves you when he goes out of his way to be with you. He sacrifices things he loves to do like playing basketball just so he can take you out to dinner. Spending time together is important as this brings you two closer together.

He values your every opinion
You know your man loves and cares for you if he listens to whatever you want to say. If you tell him that you need more effort on his part and he responds to this, this means he values what you think and he considers anything you say as important.

He wants to get to know the people that are important to you
Do not have doubts about your boyfriend's love if he spends time and effort into being part of your life, by also getting close to people you love. Allow him to get to know your family, especially your parents. You will know he is real when he values what they think about him.

He thinks about the future with you
When he mentions that in a few years, you should travel together and visit a foreign country or if he mentions you two will live somewhere together, this means he is in for a long term relationship.

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