Does it Feel Like Your Ex Doesn't Care About You Anymore? Here is How to Get Them Back Really Fast

Published: 01st September 2010
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Acceptance is the best solution when there is nothing you can do. The best way is to accept what happened in your life then learn from your mistakes and move on. Even if you want to get your ex back, it won't help if you are just going to make yourself depressed and lonely. The best way is to act as if you don't care anymore.

When you act like you don't care, your ex will definitely be surprised with your reaction and you will be able to pull him back to your life. Here are some tips that will help you become successful in pulling him back.

1. Let the feelings of anger to subside

It is acceptable that the feelings of anger are high after the breakup. Hence, so as not to initiate a heated argument, it is best to let the feelings of anger to subside. Do not let your anger to control you because this might just ruin your plan.

2. Ignore him when he tries to contact you

Instead of begging him to come back to you, it will be useless because it will only make things more complicated. Rather than begging him or trying to make him come back to you, the best solution is to ignore him especially when he tries to contact you.

3. Let other people notice that you are happy despite the break up

You don't want to appear miserable in front of many people. The best way is to let other people notice that you are happy even after the break up. Your ex will begin to wonder about you and why you seem to be unaffected after the breakup.

4. Party and mingle

Although you are lonely and you might think that it is not the best time to party, you should actually go out and party because it will make you look as if you're not affected with the break up and you are still able to enjoy.

5. Let the world know that you're single and available

While you are partying, it'll help if you are going to let other people know that you are single and available. This way, your ex will see that you are now open for dating even after breaking up.

6. Convey different signals to him

While he is still wondering why you are still dating, you should convey different signals to him. He'll be confused about your real feelings for him and he'll begin to start chasing after you.

7. Remain friendly to him

When he sees you and greets you, you should also greet him in a casual manner. Do not completely ignore him and give him a chance to be friends with you.

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