Does He Want to Marry Me? Sure Shot Ways to Know Whether He Wants to Marry You Or Not

Published: 01st September 2010
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Every woman has asked this question at some point or the other in their relationship. If you have met a man who you believe is your soul mate, you naturally will begin to imagine what it would be like if he proposed to you. Men don't usually think in the same way and while you may be expecting him to buy you a ring and propose, he may be very comfortable being in a position of non-commitment! These tips below will give you a sign whether he is ready to commit or not.

Does he talk about the future?
Does your man always talk about the future? And if he does, do you feature anywhere? If he constantly talks about taking trips together, or making long term plans with you etc then yes - he does have future plans that involve you.

Does he ensure that his finances are good?
When a man is thinking of settling down he automatically wants to make sure that his finances are in good order. The acts of balancing a check book, being more fugal and talking about retirement plans are signs that he has serious marriage plans.

If your boyfriend takes you to meet his parents
This is one of the oldest and surest signs that tell you that he has marriage on his mind. If you see that he is anxious to show you off to his folk, be happy!

If he asks you leading questions or drops hints
If you find that you man suddenly asks you questions regarding what you thought about "big" or "small" weddings or if he asked you outright about your feelings on marriage, it is obvious that he is about to "pop" the question pretty soon.

If he starts treating you like his property
If you find your man being extra possessive and protective, then it could be that he is starting to see you as exclusively "his". Don't be surprised to find that he is ready to make a commitment to you very soon.

Does he encourage your relationship with his family
If your boyfriend loves to see you get close to his family members and rejoices in the fact that you get along well with his parents and siblings, it is a sure sign that he has already considered making you a definite part!

Is he comfortable talking about marriage?
If your boyfriend shies away from all topics relating to marriage and children it shows that he is just not ready for commitment and marriage.

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