Do You Want Your Ex to Regret the Breakup & Come Back to You? Then Here is What You Must Do

Published: 07th September 2010
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Breaking up with a loved-one is not an easy task. There are break-ups that one sees coming but there are also break-ups that hit you right in the face and cause you undue shock. After the shock comes the denial. After the denial, comes pain. True, all pain, physical or emotional, subsides in due time. There are treatments and medications to ease physical pain but there are no medications for emotional stress.

Do you really want your ex back? The best thing to do is not to run after your ex and look pathetic in the process. What you need to do is to make your ex regret the break-up so as to make him/her want you back. Here are some things that you can try.

Kill your ex with kindness. Don't go about making big bones about the break-up. Act as if you totally understand the situation and that you are actually very forgiving about the whole matter. Do not flare.

Do a make-over of yourself. Look at yourself at the mirror and see if you need improvement, physical-wise. Ask your friends their honest opinion about the way you wear your hair or the way you dress. Make the necessary things to improve your looks.

Call your ex up on occasions just to say hello. The call should not be geared towards a reconciliation but it should come out as a "hi-how-are-you" kind of call.

Send your ex friendly e-mails with funny attachments or links to funny videos. This would remind your ex of your wonderful sense of humor and it would actually make your ex miss you.

Update your social networking site with pictures and status of recent jaunts and night outs you had with your friends. This is assuming that you and your ex are contacts in the pertaining social networking site. The point is for your ex to see how you are enjoying yourself.

Say "hello" to your ex's family Call up your ex's mother or any member of the family just to socialize. You don't have to mention your ex in the call. Just ask how the family is with genuine concern.

Try to open up yourself to new possibilities. Go out not only with your friends but with other "romantic" possibilities. Do not try to avoid new "love" interests for the sake of your ex. Life is too short.

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