Do You Want Your Ex to Love You Again? Enhanced Mind Changing Games to Pull Your Ex Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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When you play mind games, remember that one of the minds involved in the game is yours. If you fall for your own game, then there will be hell to pay. Now that you've been warned, let's get on with the business at hand -- enhanced mind games to pull your ex back....

Bigger and better things
You can start by making it seem like you're getting past the broken relationship and moving on to 'greener pastures.' Try to lead as normal a life as possible -- meaning that you shouldn't be sitting around moping and crying over being dumped.

Be outgoing, and attend parties where your ex might also be present. Make sure your ex knows that you're not a broken wimp anymore. Move on to bigger and better things, so that your ex feels like they are being replaced. This will motivate your ex into wanting you back, and will change your ex's mind about the breakup.

Friends in need are friends in deed
To make it even more of a 'take that' gesture, try to hook up with one of your ex's close friends. The very fact that you're apparently over the relationship, coupled with the jealousy of losing out to a good friend will drive your ex insane, and there's only solution -- that is for your ex to start making nice with you.

Even if your ex doesn't trust a single word that comes out of your mouth, you can still make it work -- by introducing a third-party advocate. Find people your ex trusts -- friends and family -- and start buttering them up. Your ex can have his/her mind changed by others, so always remember this can be a good tool for you to pull your ex back.

Convince all these people that you're genuinely sincere about making it work, if you get another chance. When your ex starts getting hit by a steady stream of requests for a second chance on your behalf from people whom your ex cares about and listens to, you can bet your last dollar you'll be given a second chance.

Your ex loves what you do
Start taking a more active interest in activities which your ex enjoys a lot -- things such as jogging, art, movies, visits to popular hotspots, etc. Once you start enjoying things which are common to both of you, your ex will suddenly find you a lot more interesting and start having second thoughts about having broken up with you.

Your ex may not like what you do in other aspects, but as long as you start doing what he/she loves, your ex will find you more enjoyable, because you will show your ex that you do have things in common.

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