Do You Want Your Ex to Finally Crawl Back to You? Here Are the Steps You Need to Follow Right Now

Published: 10th September 2010
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Break ups happen every now and then. Some break up amicably but some break ups are nasty. Once out of the relationship, many of us want to get back to our ex. But instead of taking the 'good guy/gal' route, one can try to make that ex jealous and make them crawl back to you.

A few steps to help you get that ex crawling back to you:

Take a break: break ups can be nasty and very stressful. So take a break. Maybe go in for a makeover or do something that will make you happy. Seeing you unaffected and happy, it will want the ex to come back to you as soon as possible!

Mind your own business: now that of you have gone separate ways, do not interfere or take any interest in your ex's life. Communication with the ex at this point is not required so no calls or even emails. Seeing you this way would definitely get them thinking.

Get a makeover: The laws of attraction state that opposites always attract. So change your whole image and make sure you look good enough to be eaten. This will make your ex realise that they have given up on some real hot property. They will want crawl back to you immediately!

Make new friends: Sure you both have had common friends but it is time to avoid them now. You need to move out of the old circle and see the world outside. But visit all those places where you can be seen by old friends. The news will soon reach the ears of your ex.

Be the gossip: Who does not like gossip? Everyone does and so be the gossip. Do something surprising that his/her common friends pick it up and quickly tell them about it. It will surely spread like wild fire!

Pretend to be dating: Spread the news that you are available and ready to mingle. Be seen on the party on the party circuit with different people and never the same.

Be the nice person you are: Now you have tried all of the above and your ex still won't budge. You need to take things in your hand now. You can plan to bump into their family and have a short conversation. This way you can send them feelers through their family itself that you might want them back.

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