Do You Want Your Ex Back? If Yes - Then Here Are 4 Things You Shouldn't Do at Any Cost

Published: 07th September 2010
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Are you running from pillar to post trying to figure out a way to get your ex back? Sometimes all you do seems to be the wrong thing and no amount of cajoling and persuading makes your ex agree to get back with you. In this case, all you have to do is slow down and stop beating around the bush in desperation and avoid doing the following. This will ensure your ex's return.

o Terrorizing your ex with text messages: You have to stop emailing and messaging your ex at once because this will only make your ex more stubborn about not wanting to speak or meet with you. It's about time you realized that this break apart is the best time to replenish yourself, understand exactly why you broke up in the first place and to learn new things about yourself and get in touch with your individuality.

This way you will learn to appreciate the differences between your ex and you and be able to build a better connection that works wonders for both of you.

o Trying to convince your ex that you are the love of their life: The last thing your ex wants is to hear you tell them that you are still their Prince Charming. Remember things got sour because there were certain issues that seemed to be irreparable at that time and your ex decided that it was better to break up.

There is no point in pressurizing your ex into coming back. This will only lead to further resentment. Take time to re-discover yourself and put back the shattered pieces of your heart. Remember, you have to be a "whole individual" first before you can be a couple that is wholly together!

o Making promises: Begging, pleading and promising to change for the better is NOT the way to get your ex back. At this stage they sound so "empty" and desperate. With every single word you utter, regardless of whether you mean it or not, you ex will get even more distant, angry and defensive.

Stop rehearsing your lines about what you should say to your ex and stop the mindless pursuit. You have to realize that it is going to take time for your ex to erase the old hurt feelings and reignite their passion for you. What you should be doing is concentrate on doing the right things, saying the right things and winning back your ex's love!

o Giving up hope: You should know that couples all over the world reunite almost every day no matter how bad the situation seems. This fact alone should give you hope. If you give up hope you have already lost the battle. Unless your relationship has been an abusive one (either physically or verbally), it is more than possible that your situation is salvageable.

No matter what the circumstance is - lost passion, infidelity and anger - even the worst you can imagine, there is always hope! Stop feeling guilty and move forward towards pursuing your ex in the right manner.

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